7 Things You Need To Know About Building a Chicken Pen.

If you looking to build a chicken pen, you should know that it does not have to be a tough, endless project.  For some however, chicken pens can become very time consuming and if not done correctly can end up empting your wallet.  Below are a few important items that you should know before beginning building your chicken pen, that will help you get off to the right start.  Here are some things everyone should know when it comes to building chicken coops.

What a Chicken Pens should NOT do:

  •   Consume your life
  •   Cost excessive amounts of money
  •   Take you an entire season to complete

What a Chicken Pen SHOULD include:

  •   Design
  •   Protection
  •   Ventilation
  •   Lighting

These are just  few of the very important things that go into buiding a chicken coop, both of which should be taken very seriously before you begin your project.  If those are some certain factors that go into building chicken pens, and these are a few things that you may not have known about raising chickens.  Maybe you realize what goes into building a chicken pen, but do you know what goes into raising chickens?  Below is a list of common things people often overlook until they have their coop all set up and their new pets already home.

  •   First, a healthy hen will lay only ONE egg each day.
  •   Hens cannot lay eggs until they are approximately 6 months old.
  •   Chickens have personalities, and that means they do not always get along.
  •   Roosters do not only crow in the morning, and can often become very loud.
  •   You do not need a rooster to lay eggs.
  •   Chickens will fly, not for far distances, but they can and they will fly.
  •   Every chicken will go to the bathroom in their food if possible.

It’s possibly you have already decided against raising chickens, but I should tell you that most of the problems that come with raising chickens can and will be eliminated with a good set of chicken pen plans.  A good set of plans can be found online, possibly even for free, and are easily available for download right away.  If you do opt to go with a free set of plans to save some money, make sure they include the important items discussed, to avoid any problems in the future.

If you’re still a little concerned and have a few more questions, check out Building a Chicken Coop for more information on building a chicken pen, and raising chickens as pets.  Happy Egg-laying!

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