A Look At Dangerous Snakes In The United States

Using an experienced animal removal company is important for eliminating a dangerous snake from your house. Otherwise, you could be in great danger, unless you are an expert at dealing with them. If you have a snake in your house, it is important to know what kind so you can tell whether you need to hire somebody or not. Some of them are poisonous, whereas some are not.

Here is a list of the 4 kinds of poisonous snakes in the US, and how to identify them:


These are the more common variety of snake in America, and are located in all but 3 states. The diamondback rattlesnakes get 7 feet or longer in length, whereas other rattlesnakes do not even get 2 feet long. These are the most deadly in North America, and getting rid of them quickly is very important.

Coral Snakes

There are a few kinds of coral snakes in America, and they are all located in the south. These do not have the fangs that pit vipers, rattlesnakes or copperheads have, so they are easy to identify. Even though they do not have fangs, they are deadly and need to be removed as quickly as possible.


Copperheads are typically found in southern Texas, the Midwest, and also the Appalachian mountains. They are generally quite aggressive, and that’s why you want to avoid them. It is not hard to identify them, because of their copper color.

Water Moccasins

These are also known as cottonmouths. Just like the copperheads, these snakes are quite aggressive. They are usually located in the south and Midwest. They have a black body with a white mouth, which makes them quite distinctive. Of course, these snakes will probably not get inside houses, because they stay near water.

As mentioned, the best way to go about this is to use a professional to get rid of it for you. However, after the snake has been eliminated, one can find steps you have to take to ensure you stay snake free.

First, discover the reason it came inside. In most instances they come because of food. Therefore, get rid of any potential food sources to prevent them from getting into them. Consider using snake repellent. In case you live somewhere that has snakes, using this every 28 days is important during the spring to fall. This is effective because snakes have tiny receptors which are called Jacobson’s organs. This means they are unable to handle the bad odors from these repellents, and so they will avoid them.

Eliminate clutter. This simply makes it easy for the snakes to avoid detection. Basically, cut the grass regularly, clean the garbage cans, etc. If you take these snake removal steps, you will get rid of the snakes and will keep them away for good.

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