A Useful Guide On Deworming Your Ponies

Each time the season changes, we deworm our horses. Some pony owners don’t even wait for a change of season. They deworm their horses every month, each week, and often, for a couple of days continuously. I find this a shocking piece of negligence. I presume these horse owners act on the assumption that it’s cheaper to deworm a pony than to confirm with a costly faeces test that he needs deworming!

Tell me, would you take an aspirin if you had no headache at all? If you wouldn’t why would you feed deworming medication to your pony if he has absolutely no worms? Horse deworming has become some sort of confounding mania. Where will all this lead straight to? I’ve heard several veterinarians and other people of a scientific background expressing the concern that all this excess of deworming is going to create new strains of super worms immune to ordinary deworking medicine.

If that eventuality becomes a fact, what will we be able to do for our horses?

I have seen boarding stables impose rules about worms and deworming that all stable users are expected to obey. Some of these rules make absolutely no sense to me. Why, for example, do stables demand that if you deworm one horse, you deworm them all? I absolutely disagree. I believe that it’s way better to get faeces checks done routinely, so that deworming medication can be administered only to those horses that have worms. Certainly, a stable with plenty of horses can get extremely low price quotes for faeces checks, based totally on quantity?

To all horse owners who are sufficiently fortunate to have their horses housed on their own property, I advise that you speak with your vets and get their comprehensive feedback on worm management in your horses.

And I wrap up this with a bit of guidance that all pony owners should take seriously indeed: get totally rid of horse dung from horses that’ve been dosed with deworming medication. The manure is not safe and should not be utilised for composting under any circumstances.

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