Adopting New Pets Checklist

Whenever most people make the decision to adopt a new pet, they tend to gravitate toward the little ones.  These baby dogs and cats known as puppies and kittens put smiles on the faces of everyone.  Just remember that owning an adult cat has some advantages over the baby kitten.  How is it possible to decide?  Here are some things to consider.

A new pet kitten is cute.  No one can deny this fact.  The way the kitten plays and pounces makes it hard for anyone to resist.  However, a kitten may not be the best choice for your household.

When you adopt a new kitten be aware that a lot of preparation is required.  The kitten will need to be litter box trained.  Training usually goes smoothly, but it does mean that you may have to deal with cat urine cleaning.  A new kitten will have to be taught what is off limits and what is OK to play with.

When you adopt this new kitten you will need to baby proof your home, making sure that it does not have easy access to electrical cords and other dangerous objects that felines will gravitate toward.

About kittens and adoption

Kittens are filled with boundless energy, and this can be a reason to adopt one, but it could also be a reason to veer away. If you will have the time to spend with kitten, playing and petting, then certainly adopt the little fellow.

A new pet kitten might not be the best choice if you have limited time.  They need play time, and they definitely need human interaction to develop good social cat behavior.

When you adopt a new pet take the age of children in the home into consideration. If you have very small children then a kitten might not be right for your home. Baby cats are small and delicate and might be harmed by small children that may not know how to play gently.

A grown cat can offer a bypass on much of the stress that comes along with raising and training a kitten.  Most adult cats are litter trained already so this will be one less thing to do when you move them into your home.

While grown cats may not be quite as cute as a kitten, they still posses plenty of playfulness and affection.  At the same time, a cat is not as dependent upon attention from their owner.  Cats enjoy their private time too.

Getting a full grown cat

One very large problem that can arise when adopting a grown cat is that you will not know its background.  Animals that have been neglected or abused may have behavioral issues that can pose difficult hurdles in your relationship. Usually, these problems can be overcome with some attention, patience, and reading some cat information.

When you adopt a new pet cat or a kitten, consider the animal’s personality and the amount of attention and training you will need to devote to your new pet.  There are definite advantages to either choice, but the ultimate decision will hinge on which will work best in your home environment.  Remember to not base your decision totally on a kitten’s cute factor.



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