Alpha-Stim Treatments Offer Packaged Benefits to Anxiety-Riddled Chihuahua

It has been a couple of weeks that I have adopted Shakira, a long-haired Chihuahua and we still have not learned how to get along with each other.  Shakira has been showing aggressive character indicating she does not want to befriend me.  Despite the trainings she had before I brought her home, she kept continuing to have accidents in the house.  Animal Cranial ElectroTherapy Stimulation

I tried to like this dog but the anxiety she inflicts on me is far too much.  I was not familiar with a message forum but I said OK.  We both sat down and Shyla’s fingers did the rest.  In just a few minutes, we were reading through some comments from people who happened to live in the area.  Several people discussed the great details of positive results they got when they brought their pets to Midwest Microcurrent. 

The next morning, I called and made an appointment with Dr.  Ava Frick at Midwest Microcurrent.  I found Dr. Frick to be very friendly and committed in her field when Shakira and I visited her clinic.  Animal Pain Relief

We talked about Shakira’s behavior then Dr. Frick asked me if the idea that Shakira was suffering from anxiety ever crossed my mind.  I felt guilty of being worried of my own anxiety and never thought that pets would feel anxiety the same way. 

I told Dr. Frick and she agreed that I do not want to give my dog any canine anti-depressants.  She believes on holistic alternatives in treating pet anxiety or animal depression.  Her course of treatment for Shakira was the Alpha-Stim Control System over any type of medication.  Within a couple of hours of that first treatment, my dog had already started to calm down. 

The drive to Dr. Frick’s clinic takes more than an hour each way, and since Shakira would be needing more treatment, I decided that it would be worth the investment to purchase a home version of the Alpha-Stim.  Shakira’s improvement continues and I found it easy to use.  Her behavior is so much better and we have become best friends.  Animal Chiropractic

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