An Indoors Cat Must Have A Cat Tree

A cat is a wonderful addition to a family, and both children and parents will appreciate having a cat for a pet. They are affectionate, they are friendly and they will happily climb on your lap in the evening and purr when you scratch them under the chin.

But gradually there is a growing trend towards housing pet cats indoors 24 hours a day. There is a number of reasons for this, however one of the major reasons is the tendency for cats to hunt, particularly at night, though during the day as well, and decimate the local wildlife.

Around where I live cats can do serious damage to our small native animals which will come out at night.

Experts now recommend that if you have a pet cat you keep him indoors at night always, and suggest that it is even better to keep him indoors during the day as well.

And I support that, but it’s also important to understand that cats are extremely active and it’s very important that they be able to climb, to run and to play.

If your cat is outside spend an hour or 2 sitting watching him and you’ll get an idea of how active they are. Watch him go up a tree and, if you haven’t seen it before, you’ll be surprised at how agile they are climbing and how much they enjoy it.

So if you’re planning to keep your cat indoors it’s important that you cater to these natural instincts in him to run, jump, play and climb. Because by keeping him indoors you will be taking away all his opportunities to do so, and so you need to find a way to replace the opportunities for him to do what cats do.

And the good news is that clever people have designed some wonderful cat furniture such as cat trees, cat towers and cat gyms all of which give your cat the opportunity to play indoors just as he would outdoors.

A cat tree is a strange looking device with things bolted on to it and sticking out of it all over the place, all designed to give your cat a fine place to play, to climb, to sleep or just lie around as cats do. Cat play is a big part of the life of a cat.

And a cat tree also serves another purpose. Because cats love to scratch they are probably scratching up your furniture right now. But direct his attention towards his new play furniture and chances are, if you persist a little, that you can get him to leave your furniture alone and scratch away on his tree.

So if you’re considering keeping your favourite feline in the house do him a favour. Buy him a tree so that all those things that have been taken away from him such as climbing are once again available, and watch him come to life on his new cat tree.

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