Are you concenred on which pet to buy?

Have you been thinking o buying a pet for the home recently? What really is the best to have and why?

Firstly you need to think about whether there are kids involved or not. It is best not to get a pet if you have kids on the way as sometimes the animal can get jealous of the attention it has lost and the child has gained so if this is the case wait until your child has been born amd is perhaps a tad older.

A dog can be a good choice for a family. If you are thinking of getting a dog then it would certainly be wise to get one of the bigger breeds like a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd as they are not only very friendly, family dogs they will also help to guard the home when you are out or asleep as their barks can be very scary for intruders. Be careful as in the case of a German Shepherd they are not very friendly towards anyone outside of the immediate family but get used to any guests you have so do not worry they are not as horrible as they sound or look in those police videos you see.

Of course if you are not a big family or do not like the big breeds of dog simply buy a smaller breed.

If you do not like dogs get a cat. It is sometimes not the best idea for families with young children as they are really only interested in themselves and have little time for playing.

Of course if neither of these is fit for you then perhaps a small pet like a rabbit, hamster or even a goldfish would be better for you. There is no doubt that they provide company.

Do not forget that once you have the pet it will need a lot of care. Join an animal hospital so that the animal surgery within it can help your pet if it has an accident or suffers from health problems. Some of these can even do pet’s cardiology which can even involve fitting a pacemaker into your pet.

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