Betta Fish – How To Breed Betta Fish!

Responsible Fish Keeping

Many people are interested in keeping betta fish and fish in general for of their comfort of keep relational to distinct pets. Betta fish are easy to keep as compared to turtles with their special lighting and heating requirements. Like any living creature, though, these fish have needs. You should not take a betta fish to your home unless you are compliant to consume the time feeding it every day and doing water changes when necessary.

The Siamese Fighting Fish Needs Space

There is some contention concerning whether the betta fish necessity or would prefer more room, but they of course can abide in small aquariums. Betta fish come in many varieties. There are normal bettas, crown tail bettas, twin tail bettas, and more. There are represent bettas and bettas that are caught in the wild and of big gradebecause they refresh the betta gene pool. Betta fish have been found to live for up to three years in the exact conditions, but few in home aquariums will live anywhere near this long. You may have heard betta fish referred to as “Siamese Fighting Fish.” This is because male cupang are really aggresive towardsone another and will come to grips. They have been known to flare up upon seeing their own reflections so as to intimidate what they perceive as another betta. Slut betta fish are not quite that militant towards each other, though it is recommended that there be many hiding places inside a tank if several female betta fish are to be kept together. Keeping two male betta fish together will almost certainly result in one dying.


This is a hardy betta fish. Some condition it too hardy for its own better, as its fame for being able to tolerate poor water conditions many times results in it being kept in such conditions. The disparity between surviving and flourishing cannot be stressed enough. Please be sure to give your betta a proper habitat and change its water regularly.
Betta Fish Colors

Betta fish have been discovered to lie in all sorts of colors. While reds, blues, and greens are most common, they are also found to come in combinations of these colors which result in very characteristic coloration.

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