Choosing From The Many Styles Of Quality Leather Dog Collars

Every dog needs a collar to hold all their identification tags and attach to their leash. Finding the right one for your dog can be a daunting task. It is important that you first figure out what functions you need the collar to perform. The following tips can help you figure out what kind of dog collar will work best for you.

It is essential that the collar you select is the proper size and strength. Larger dogs usually need larger collars to keep them restrained. A collar which is too thick will most likely not be comfortable for a smaller dog. A well fitting collar will have enough room to put two fingers between the dog and the collar. Your dog can easily remove a loose collar while one which is too tight will be uncomfortable.

Dog collars can be made from many different materials. Nylon dog collars work well for dogs that spend much of their time rolling on wet grass or swimming. They can be found in a wide assortment of colors and usually have matching leashes. Soft leather dog collars are very durable and very good-looking. You can also find matching leather leashes which are very comfortable for the dog owner to grip.

Leather dog collars can be the most comfortable for your pet as well. Over time they soften up through exposure to the oils in your dog and on your hands. Flat leather collars work best for short haired dogs while rolled leather pet collars work best for long haired dogs. These days you will see a wide array of chic and fashionable designer dog collars. Some of the most popular include rhinestone collars and leather collars which have been embossed. One of the most unusual dog collars that can be found these days is the mood collar which lets you see the type of mood your dog is in at any given moment.

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