Deterring Your Dog From Digging And Dog Clicker Education

Dogs love to dig. Whether it is to bury a bone, look for a bone, or to just see what is underneath the dirt this time, dogs enjoy digging.

Digging can not only ruin your yard, but it can ruin your relationship with your pet. Can you stop this behavior before it gets out of control?

As with children, dogs do things for a reason. Why is your dog digging? If you can figure this out, you are halfway to a solution. Does he just love to fling dirt?

However, there may be other reasons including lack of attention or stimulation, storing food, or he’s building a den to cool off or stay warm. Alternately, he may be attracted to freshly turned earth or the scent of fertilizer.

Knowing the reason behind the digging can help you stop the behavior. For instance, if it is due to boredom or lack of attention, you can start to offer your dog more play time with you. Dog obedience training can go a long way in discouraging the behaviour. For greatest outcomes try out sitstayfetch to aid your dog training efforts.

If this doesn’t help, you can give one of the following techniques a try:

1. Find the spots your dog usually digs and bury a balloon that has been inflated. If your dog digs, he’ll pop the balloon. This unpleasant reaction to his digging can deter him from continuing.

2. When you refill the holes, add in some of your dog’s own feces. The next time he digs there, he will be repelled by it. This may not be a fun way for you to teach your dog, but it is effective and humane.

3. Chicken wire is another thing you can bury in your yard to deter your dog from digging. He’ll hate the feeling of his claws against the wire and will be prompted to stop.

4. When you catch your dog digging, give him a spray from a water bottle or hose. They hate this (but it is not harmful). They will learn to associate the punishment with the crime. Only do this when you catch him digging or he will not connect the behavior with the consequence.

You love your pet; you don’t have to love his bad habits too. If digging is a problem, take immediate steps to correct your dog’s behavior. He’ll be happy, and your yard will thank you. As with puppy training, conditioning will take hold eventually and your dog will be able to correct bad behaviour. Check puppy aggressive for more skilled dog training.

Clicker Training – A Great Training Technique

You want to teach your dog acceptable behavior in a gentle, humane way. Many people have found success with the clicker method.

When you use clicker training, you teach your dog to associate good behavior with a treat or reward. This is known as the principle of operant conditioning. How does it work?

A clicker is a small plastic box with a metal strip. When you push and release the metal strip, it makes a sharp clicking sound.

The key to clicker training is to teach your dog to associate the click with the reward, such as a biscuit. After your dog successfully performs a command, you click. Offer the treat at the same time.

This teaches your dog to connect the behavior with the click. Since the click is associated with the treat, he’ll be more apt to perform the good behavior. Eventually, you can phase out the treat, and he will respond to the click. After successful training, you won’t need the clicker either.

Clicking is immediate. Dogs need to know exactly what they are being praised for, and the clicking sound helps let them know. This is why the clicker method is so effective for training.

Trying the clicker method can lead to more effective, quicker training. It works with your dog’s natural urge to please you and earn a reward. For more proficient results examine puppy potty training to assist your dog training efforts.

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