Dog Behavior Problems- Key Issues To Watch Out For

When you get a new puppy, there are training issues that need to be addressed from the beginning. A puppy is certainly endearing.  However, if authority is not established by the owner from the beginning, the puppy will grow up with destructive behaviors that will be much harder to break as a grown dog. That is why it is best if these dog behavior problems are addressed from the beginning. There are very uncomplicated answers to many of these problem behaviors. Many potential problems will not even occur, if they are tackled the first couple of times that they occur. That is why training should start as soon as the new puppy enters the home. For example making messes inside is best dealt with early on through puppy house training.


Often individuals will go to a coach to help them deal with many different types of dog behavior problems which can happen. One problem is too much barking. Some dogs just seem to bark at every possible noise.  This could be aimed at a person, any other dog or animal, or just for fun. You, and also the neighbors, can become irritated with this.  This is especially true if the person lives in an apartment or condominium. If you want to know how to stop a dog barking then first start with some basic dog training.


Digging is another dog behavior problem. This can be a tricky issue to end once it has started and can cause significant damage and even safety concerns if it is not stopped. Digging not only produces holes in the yard, but can destroy gardens Dogs will often dig near the boundary of the yard so that the holes sometimes go beneath the fence, allowing the dog to escape and the possibility of harm to come to your animal.  This digging not only results in holes in the garden, but can ruin a flower bed.

Food aggression

Dog behavior problem related to food aggression can also manifest if there are multiple pets in the family. Some dogs protect their food from the other animals, growling at them to chase them away from their food dish. This is possibly dangerous, as such behavior can lead to biting, and if there are small children in the household, such behavior can also be manifested towards them if they are nearby.

Other dog behavior problems

There is also dog to dog aggression that can take place among specific dogs, especially with two male dogs that are not neutered. In addition to these hostility related troubles, there are also dog behavior problems involving a variety of other concerns such as whining, thieving issues, chewing problems, running away and separation anxiety.

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