Essential Ideas Before You Buy A Fish Tank

If you are new to the world of marine tanks let me just start by mentioning this could be one of the most fulfilling experiences you may ever have. Now to ensure success and optimum conditions for your new wet friends some careful planning is required on your part. Things to think about when starting out would be the kind of aquarium tank you want. But most importantly make sure you know the kind of fish you plan on putting in the tank. You see this is what decides the kind of tank you will ultimately use.

Very often people new to the marine tank hobby will buy a aquarium because it looks unique. Big mistake, you need to slow down a bit and do some research. By understanding the kind or kinds of aquatic life you plan on keeping you can now make more informed choices when it comes to purchasing specific equipment that you may need for your tank. This research that you do will also guide you in maintaining the correct environment inside the tank so that your pets stay healthy.

Generally speaking you can select a saltwater or freshwater system. Each kind of fish has different demands in terms of diet, compatibility, breeding and maintenance. Although it should be obvious freshwater fish are picked from freshwater sources like creeks, lakes, ponds and rivers likewise for saltwater species that come from the many oceans and seas. Of the two, it is the saltwater fish that cannot easily adapt to the differences in water chemistry and temperature. This is the reason many experts advise a beginner start out with a freshwater tank.


There are different types of aquarium combinations, all offer an ideal climate for certain kinds of aquarium fish. The reason a freshwater set up is recommended for a learner is because the fish tank supplies are generally less expensive and because freshwater pets are known to be highly adaptable and they are cheaper to buy also.


Saltwater on the other hand is almost a different situation. It will almost always have live rock that act as a biological filter plus a protein skimmer and equipment for monitoring and controlling with the temperature. This helps keep your pets environment is healthy and stable.


The most costly fish tank system would be the saltwater reef tank, which is acknowledged as the ultimate fish tank setup. This is because it is bigger and better equipped. It is usually constructed to allow for a nimber of marine life, which combine coral reefs, sea anemones and even jelly fish.


Fish bowls come in a variety of size, shape and materials. The most common materials are glass or acrylic. The sizes can go from as low as 10 gallons up to 1000 gallons or higher. There are all sorts of shapes of aquariums tanks available too. Like half cylinder, cylindrical and bow front just to give a few. Generally speaking acrylic tanks are stronger and lighter as well as more durable but they can be scratched easily and more difficult to buff. For beginners, it is normally advised to invest on a bigger tank because it tends to have more stable water conditions. It better limits sharp temperature changes, which assure more stable environment for your fish.


An option that is gaining in popularity with aquariasts of all levels is the biorb fish tank. To sum up what a biorb is, it is known as a combination of old school meets new in a sense that it can be used like a classic style fish bowl but it also uses the latest filtration systems generally used in a larger style fish tank.


To complete your tank setup you should also look into an appropriate stand for your aquarium tank. Whether you have a glass or acrylic tank you can be sure it will weigh a lot once it is filled with water and accessories. Make sure your aquarium and stand are on a level floor and keep it out of direct sunlight as it can cause increased algal growth.

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