How Do You Construct Chicken Runs?

Chickens need a good sized enclosure to allow them to move around, peck at the ground and feed off the bugs and worms that they find. These chicken runs, or pens, are usually enclosed with a high chicken wire fence or other tall face to discourage predators. Generally, they are attached to the coop to allow the chickens to come and go as they wish.

Regular access to fresh air and sunshine are necessary for healthy egg production. Do not keep your hens cooped up; allow them to range free, getting plenty of sun and exercise and living an almost normal life. At the same time, make sure the run is protected from predators. Keep your chickens comfortable and safe and they will give you plenty of eggs.

They’ll use their pen for other points, too. Chickens don’t bathe in water,  they bathe in dirt, so they require lots of it. Any roosters you’ve are going  to require room to strut their stuff or do battle having a potential rival to  impress the ladies.

Your design might change depending on the breed of chicken you choose to raise. Heavier birds are not as likely to fly the coop, so they will not need as high a fence. Maybe just some wooden posts with wire stretched between them. Lighter birds, more capable of flight, will usually require a roof of some kind. You can stick with the chicken wire or switch to bird netting for this purpose.

Don’t run afoul of the law! If you are out in the country, then it is probably just fine to build a place for your chickens and raise them. In towns, villages and cities, however, the law may not be on your side. The size of your flock will probably be regulated and it might even be illegal for you to have any hens in your backyard at all. Knowledge is power: check out your local laws.

Location is going to be key. There will have to be enough room for both the chicken pen and the coop; connecting them is the best way. When the sun comes up, the chickens can come out on their own and wait for you to show up with the feed. When it goes back down, they will follow each other inside and go to sleep.

Chicken runs can be dangerous places if you live in an area with a lot of predators. Stray cats, wood rats, raccoons and foxes are all eager to make a meal out of your flock. If you live in the country, some form of roof is going to be necessary. Predators are all to ready to climb up and over even the highest fence.

That’s all you should know to construct secure, secure chicken runs. Give your hen chickens a lot of room along with a secure environment and they’ll reward you  with a lot of eggs.

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