How To Make Your Dog Look Good

Start By Accessorizing

When you bring home your new dog you’ll definitely need a variety of different accessories like collars, food bowls, grooming kits, puppy toys, and items like a travel crate or a dog harness or dog booster seat for your car. Don’t forget a comfortable bed for your puppy too. Something warm and cozy or wonderfully cool and aerated, depending on your climate, will make a lot of difference to your dog’s happiness – and yours too.

Most pet stores are loaded with dog accessories and it can become more than overwhelming if you’ve never owned a puppy before. It is comforting to do a little research on the net before you go shopping. You might even like to buy items online. Just one warning if you do purchase online. Read the customer reviews for the store or product and be sure you are purchasing a quality item since you won’t want your puppy choking on a colourful rhinestone off their collar or a plastic shard breaking off a toy. It is also important to read the information about sizes of items for your pet dog. If you are purchasing items like collars or coats for you dog you really need to be sure it will fit in the correct manner.

Try to remember, when you are purchasing accessories, you don’t need to get everything at once. Lots of things will develop as your puppy grows older and bigger and there will be different things required for an adult size dog. Do a bit of research and then find what you need but don’t go crazy on your first visit to the pet store with over-accessorizing.

Dog Grooming

You can save a lot of money by grooming your pooch yourself. If your dog is a long-haired breed you’ll need very particular tools like combs, brushes, clippers etc. It is not difficult to learn how to groom a dog and it helps you to become closer with your dog and form a long and adoring relationship spending one-on-one time with him.

Remember, grooming is not only about glossy fur but it is also necessary for keeping claws shortened and eradicating injury from scratching with claws that are too long. Obviously you can get incredible advice from your local dog grooming business or the local veterinarian.

Dog Identification

In case you haven’t thought about it yet, it is well worth giving consideration to what sort of identification you want for your puppy. You can assist your dog in looking good with a color-coordinated collar and name tag or various different collars and name tags for different weeks in the month.

Obviously the least complicated sort of identification for your puppy is a dog tag on the collar with your phone number and email address or other means of contacting you. However, these days some localities necessitate micro-chipping as a necessary requirement for dog registration. You could also give consideration to the option of having your dog tattooed with necessary details for identification. I can’t say this will benefit your dog in the beauty stakes because it would mostly be unseen. The best person to advise any dog owner is your veterinarian who should be quite familiar with the laws in your locality and who can also advise you on the procedure or technique necessary for each kind of identification technique.

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