Incubator: An Important Device In Poultry Farming

As we all know, those who find themselves interested on poultry farming or on backyard chicken definitely need this very important equipment called the incubator. This device is utilized to help hatch the eggs. Bird egg incubation is a crucial stage in cultivating birds or chickens. A hen is no longer needed to brood the eggs until they hatch. Incubators perform a similar function like the hen when it is laying eggs but the difference is that, it could hatch numerous eggs at one time. It will keep the eggs warm, which allows the fetuses to continue growing and eventually emerge from their container. There are certain points that a breeder needs to consider on how to use an incubator correctly and efficiently.

The main purpose of an incubator is for hatching eggs . For a farmer, a good reason why he has to take advantage of this is to be able to hatch more chicks. A hen or a bird should only be maximized in her ability to produce eggs. For large chicken raising industries, incubators are essential tool on hatching eggs in large quantity. For educational purposes, a school might want to use this as a device for science learning, where students can discover, in a first-hand experience, how chickens or birds develop.

For an incubator to be able to brood eggs, the temperature inside is required to be held constantly at 37˚C or 98˚F. A degree higher than this can harm the eggs, which could result to stunted growth, abnormal development, or even death. Other than the heat, moisture inside the incubator should also be provided. This may be done by placing some dish that contains water. Some incubators have electric fans in them. This additional device allows heat to be uniformly circulated and distributed all throughout the space inside assuring that all the eggs and the chicks inside it to get equal and appropriate amount of temperature.

Incubators also come in different sizes and types to meet a specific requirement. Big ones can cater for up to 400 eggs at a time and it can even hold several layers. Small ones can hold only a few eggs. It could be even set on a desktop. Some have carton-like holders to ensure the security of each of the eggs. In others, the eggs could be placed freely allowing the chicks to have sufficient space to move around as soon as they get out of the eggs. Therefore, in acquiring an incubator it must be determined by the quantity of the eggs. It is also best to consult with the supplier whether your chosen brooder is suitable for your intended purpose.

Chicken eggs usually take 21 days to hatch. Newly hatched chicks is required to be kept under the heat of the lamp for the first three weeks in order that they don’t get too cold. Meanwhile, other birds could take more or less time. You could always check on the net on how long a certain avian species take to hatch.

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