Keep Your Chickens Safe By Building Chicken Coops The Proper Way

If you are considering making a DIY hen coop, you will need to get some plans for building chicken coops.  If you haven’t kept poultry before, there are some factors to take into consideration which may help your decision making with regards to figuring out which type of chicken coop is best for you as well as your chickens.

Building chicken coops properly depends upon a variety of factors.  The most critical factor is selecting the layout of the structure as well as the suitable size for the chicken coop.  Overcrowding can lead to the chickens pecking each other to death.  About 3 to 4 square feet of space for each hen is a minimum, however more space is much better.  Chickens with houses big enough to accommodate them are usually happier than chickens living in cramped quarters.   Chickens with sufficient space normally produce more eggs.

Building chicken coops can be extremely challenging for people who do not have any idea of just what real construction means.  Although the scale of the building process is not that huge, you still need a significant amount of woodworking experience and do-it-yourself know-how to make the structure sound and strong.  There are however hen house plans on the net for you to use as a guideline in creating your own chicken coop.  The plans consist of precise dimensions, materials along with a tools list, step by step directions as well as reading resources in chicken coop constructing.  The quality of your chicken house will very much have an effect on the quality of the eggs, so you really have to pay particular attention to design and positioning.

Building chicken coops on your own is for the most part about choosing the design and style you’d like, obtaining a strategy, and lastly getting the desired materials.  One of the most important factors is the area where the chicken coop is going to be constructed.  In urban areas there are laws that you must take into consideration before building your own shed.

In building chicken coops, don’t forget that it’s possible to make use of already built pet housing, such as dog houses, and adapt them to house hens.  Your design will have to be safe and easy to access whilst still providing your chickens with safety from the severe elements and harmful predators.
When you start building chicken coops, you should take a look at your yard, to check out if there are any trees you might need to remove.   Cutting down trees will permit much more light to reach your chickens, that in the long run, will make for happier chickens.

You must be careful while building chicken coops so that your hens receive optimum sunlight.  Chickens love to enjoy natural sunlight.  However during the winter months, you can supply electric lighting to substitute sunlight.  Hens love and require a warm body temperature to stay healthy, so when taking a look at your chicken coop building plans, you must look at temperature control.

Another thing to consider prior to building chicken coops is the cleaning and routine maintenance.  The building materials should be simple to clean to circumvent  the spread of disease amongst your chickens.  The design must allow you to access all the areas that require maintenance and cleaning.  It is recommended that the coop should be elevated to safeguard it from wet soil.

No matter what type of design plans you’ve got for  building chicken coops,  make sure that you make use of quality material in constructing it.  It’s okay to make use of salvaged or recycled items provided that they’re in good condition and can supply the hens with good shelter and warmth.

Yet another critical thing to consider when looking at plans for building chicken coops is whether your coop will be fixed or movable.

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