Keeping Your Horse On a Tight Budget

Surviving a recession is difficult enough, but when you have horses and ponies which rely on you for food, shelter and medicine, every small amount saved helps.

It’s a sad fact that too many horses and ponies are abandoned every week, as horse owners struggle to cope with the current economic climate, as a result there are presently many horses for sale.

Sara Tuppen from the Horse Refuge in Kent, knows all about looking after horses when money is scarce, and relies purely on donations to keep more than 40 rescued horses in good health. She believes there are many ways which could help make owning a horse during a recession a little easier:

1. Many horses can live comfortably outside for most of the year, providing there’s nurishment, water and a place to shelter available. Providing this is an acceptable option for your horse, it could reduce the cost of stabling by a large amount.

2. Removing shoes can be an easy way to keep costs down. If not ridden regularly, and not ridden on rough surfaces, many horses will not need shoes.

3. Loaning your horse is a fantastic way to cut (even halve!) costs, and helps to provide a cheaper introduction to horse ownership for someone else.

4. In many cases it is possible to receive free stabling and perhaps even hay and straw in return for helping out around the yard. Mucking out, grooming the horses, maintenance etc. are all ways which could reduce your outlay for a little hard work!

5. Vets bills are an unknown quantity but still have to be allowed for. If money’s a little tight, you may find a lot of Vets will allow you to spread the cost.

6. Most of us can make lifestyle adaptations! It’s not all about finding ways to keep your horse more cheaply, you can do it too!

7. Wherever possible, horse owners can often join forces to buy feed and straw in bigger numbers, reducing the entire cost and passing on savings to all.

8. Finally, you can look into getting your horse a foster home, even as a family friend.

If you’re in a position to loan, or even buy a horse or pony, there are still many horses for sale and ponies for sale available.

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