Lab Owners Enjoy Healthier Lifestyles

It is a well known fact that dog owners enjoy a more healthy plus happier lifestyle as compared to other folks. Researchers have now confirmed this reality with results. Following studies performed in England demonstrated that canine owners fulfill the daily requirement for exercise and activity necessary to retain a healthy body, the benefits of having a family pet have become more obvious. In accordance with a report, specialists on animal behavior backed up advocated the data provided by researchers. More than two thirds of the exercise as well as other physical activities practiced by dog owners are because of their dogs. Simply because canines need frequent walks not to mention play time, dog owners are actually more active than others who do not have pets.

It was determined that over 1/4 of pet owners aged more than 65 exercised regularly every week. In yet another in depth survey implemented by a local pet food company, over 1,000 adults were questioned in England. Most dog owners and children will exercise when they go to city parks with their dogs every day. Dog owners that have playful pets like labradors, German shepherds and retrievers enjoy a healthy as well as active lifestyle. One of the key factors for this improved exercise routine is because canines need regular exercise to keep active. Whenever owners take their canines for walks, they also get a much-needed workout.

Dogs improve social interaction

Dog walking is effective in many more ways than only exercise. Dog owners also enjoy a much healthier sense of social interaction as dogs promote trust. It has also been established that folks who take their pups for walks in public parks and other public areas will probably communicate with other individuals. Social capital is a term used in sociology to identify the value of any relationship, and dogs are known to increase social capital among humans and families. Dogs are best known to provide companionship through pursuits like regular walks or playing fetch.  

Pet programs at YMCA

YMCAs across the United States have accepted this fantastic bond between pets and their owners. A special program that will be identified as Power of Pets will be held around the country in the coming fall. This special program will include events such as dog yoga, dog walks/runs, and other activities created to promote a stronger bond between dogs and their owners. Katy Leclair of the Lake View YMCA believes that this is a fantastic chance to bring the local area together as households with pets tend to be more physically active.

Safety precautions for your pet

Canines should be cared for and protected. It is advisable to ensure they are hydrated when taking them out for long walks. Canines shouldn’t be allowed to play or run immediately after meals. Additionally, it is necessary to routinely check the paws of your furry pets to ensure that they’re clean and address any injuries immediately. Pups also need to be provided with high quality food and routinely taken to the vet. Pet owners get a great deal more in exchange when they treat their furry retrievers with love and proper care.

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