Lovebirds For Sale – 3 Important Lovebird Breeding Approaches For First-timers

This article talks about lovebirds for sale and 3 crucial lovebird breeding tips that novices need to know regarding just before getting started. Breeding lovebirds isn’t easy and also for the protection of the birds it is advisable to be informed before you start the procedure.

1. Begin with One Pair: It’s a personal preference the number of lovebirds you need to have when you breed, some people have more than a single set. However, for beginners it’s a good idea you start with only 1 to make things a bit simpler.

2. Provide a Proper diet: Before you begin to breed lovebirds it is crucial that they’re on a nutritious diet. This diet should include variety including seeds, pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables. Breeding age hens should also be offered a calcium supplements since they frequently lose nutrients during egg laying.
3. Know When to Pull the Babies: To get the tamest lovebirds, it is best to consider the babies from their mother between 10-14 days of hatching, if there’s a big variant in hatching times, target the youngest baby to be 9 days old and the oldest to be pulled no after day 17. When you should pull the babies is the first critical step in having tame, hand-raised lovebirds that you’ll be able to sell.

Earlier mentioned we discussed lovebirds for sale as well as the method you should take in the beginning if you wish to breed lovebirds. It really is least difficult to start with just one single pair of lovebirds, this significantly reduces aggression involving the birds and it is simpler for you to maintain a handle on the circumstance. As soon as the lovebirds have hatched, the timing of when you should pull them is necessary so be well informed before starting the entire process of lovebird breeding.

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