Nano Saltwater Aquarium Nightmares

The upward push of the Nano marine aquariums during the last few years are doubtless the very best of the worst ideas I have seen in a while. Don’t take what I say as a total negative to the items in general as I find them very appealing and own one or two myself. My concern with them is nevertheless in the perception that small designer marine aquariums are for noobs and in fact they're not.

Concerns arise however when one examines folks generally. There are two types of fish hobbyists the one that has interest, but is more concerned with the appeal of decor. For these hobbyist, anything beyond daily feeding and the occasional water change and clean they prefer to go no further. Then you have the hobbyist that's got a passion for the life he's caring for within that tiny cube of water. These passionate hobbyist seek to learn all they are able to as they need the life in their care to florish.

Nano tanks though aesthetically appealing, offer a good range of issues associated with this general misinterpretation that they are for everyone. This isn’t the case. For many Nano systems the manuals are quite complete as specified in the primary set up and in a number of cases some good recommendations for newbie species for inhabiting the tank but beyond that you are by yourself.

Herein lies the difficulty. Tiny marine tanks particularly anything under 20 gallons (Nano Tanks) are hard to maintain. In reality likelihood is you will be testing and potentially adjusting water quality daily and 20 to 30 p.c water changes weekly. Straightforward tasks as feeding must be done with firm concern to over feeding as excess food waste is one big avenue for nitrate and amonia buildup, which should have harmful affect on the animals in the tank. Other Problems can include temperature control and lighting and its influences on water temperate and its own cooling. These are all issues that go beyond the collusion need of a hobby fan who has interest but no keenness.

Nano marine tanks can add fascinating decor to any design setting in your house. They seem to be a wonder to watch and supply a glimpse of peaceable undersea life but they are not for newbies. They offer high maintenance that to a non obsessed hobbyiests will outweight the decorative wonder of the tank itself. This naturally in time leads to the desertion of the tank and the demise of the life that lived therein.

In closing, be careful when choosing a marine aquarium, even more so if you’re new to the hobby. Judge yourself and take the time to understand the commitment that is required to maintain sea life. All life should be respected, treated humanely and never taken for granted..

This author has been involved off and on with marine aquariums for over thirty years. Now retired has taken to sharing information and experiences on his new site dedicated to marine aquariums for newbs..

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