Setting Up Rabbit Hutches

Apart from building your own, rabbit hutches can either be acquired ready to use or you can order it online in a kit form and assemble the hutch on your own. The rabbit hutches are made of hard wood and hail screen or it is commonly called rabbit wire. The rabbit hutch is up on legs so you will reach the rabbits without bending and have much better access when seeing to the rabbits. The rabbit hutch also has a kind of floor at one end to keep the rabbits off the wire consistently. If the rabbits are always on the wire, their feet will become tender or sore.

The rabbit hutch generally has a box or a closed in end of the hutch. This is a nest box and it helps provide the rabbits with shelter from the any inclement weather. Its recommended you put some nesting material in the box to provide extra comfort for the rabbit. Remember that rabbits do wear fur coats so they tolerate the chilly weather well.

If you live where the weather reaches intense cold temperatures you can place a heat light over the wire part of the hutch to aide in the rabbits staying warm. The rabbit hutches can be set under a covered canopy or shed if you have the room to do so this could keep the summer sunshine from directly being on the rabbits and help stop the rabbits from overheating.

Most rabbit hutches come in numerous sizes – either for one or a pair of rabbits together. It is not recommended that you let 1 or 2 rabbits live together for long periods. The rabbits may become territorial and start to fight. It is however ok to put a male and a female rabbit together. They will live together quite nicely.

A couple of females can placed into the same hutch with a buck for breeding purposes. You’ll only need to leave the doe’s in with the buck for a day or two at the most to ensure the doe’s have bred. The hutch will be large enough for the three of them for this short of a time.

If you don’t desire any baby rabbits be sure that one or the other of the rabbits has been seen by the vet then you will not need to fret about any baby bunnies running around.

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