Some Chinchilla Names Ideas

It should be a lot of fun for any person buying a Chinchilla for the first time, or breeding a couple of infant Chins. Naming Chinchillas can be quite difficult. You could an idea from the appearance of the Chin in what to name it. Another way of naming a Chinchilla is to name it from a person’s favorite, like movie star or cartoon character. There are numerous of Chinchilla names that can be thought of, but not all of them suit a particular specie or type of Chi.

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For female Chinchillas, names can be inspired by their colors. Names could also include the color of the fur including Silver, Snowy, and Pinky. They can also be given with names that take from their attitude such as Perky for hyperactive Chins, and Angel for the timid ones. Alternatively, unique names like Chinta, Gizmo, Keranda, Paisley, China, Caelie, Lexis, Kessy, and Dreama can be given. Other good yet common Chinchilla names for females are Alma, Avonlea, Chloe, Crystal, Faith, and Grace. Female Chins may also be given popular names like Mya, Penelope, Renee, Precious, Alyassa, Megan, Emme, and Ivy.


For male Chins, there are a lot of probable names. These include names of musical greats like Dylan, John, Paul, George, Ringo, MJ, or even Elvis. Masculine sounding ones like Blake, Mavis, Max, Tiger, Simon, Shredder, and Duncan can be chosen. Others may go for strange sounding names like Ziggy, Xan, Jitters, Avere, Kian, Mejel, and Souffle.

Those who buy pairs of Chins should also think of appropriate names. Chinchilla names for pairs may include popular pairs like Bill and Monica; Mickey and Minnie; Liz and Hugh, Mary and Joseph; Adam and Eve; Romeo and Juliet; and Jennifer and Brad. Others also opt for different combinations like Pepsi and Coke; Jeckell and Hyde; Big Bird and Snuffy; Bert and Ernie; and Tweety and Sylvester. Other probable names that use famous people are Bonnie and Clyde; Jet and Flash, Susanna and Karim; Salt and Pepper; Robin and Marion; Lizzy and Phil, Princess and Prince; Mike and Carol, and Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

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For a more unique sounding name, going for Hawaiian Chinchilla names is recommended. A Chin with Hawaiian name can make the pet stand out further. There are Hawaiian names including Anela meaning angel; Hilo meaning twist, and Ipu which means watermelon. The name Naka can be given to Chins who are hyperactive because it means shake, while Wiwi can be given to a thin Chinchilla. Other Hawaiian names that may be given to Chins may incude Malu, Kani, Kala, Pele, Niki, Kia, Wini, Lilli, Kiwi, and Walo.

Indeed the list is long for names that can be given to Chinchillas. Some appropriate names can be gained from some creative thinking. Chinchilla names can range from the mundane to the unique-sounding. Chins will always be the lovable, cute, and furry creatures we’ve all come to admire no matter what name you choose.

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