Some Insects Are Fantastic

There are several bugs that move into homes and get comfortable. Time to be totally honest here, not one of them are cute. Furthermore, not one of them are really welcome. Yet, there are a couple that turn out to be quite useful in getting grid of some other pests.

Known as a”house centipede“, the scutigera coleoptrata, is a 15 legged centipede that makes itself at home in homes around the world. When they move inside, they generally take up in bathrooms, basements or other damp places. Yet, they haven't any issue with living in drier areas of the home. This could include sleeping quarters and eating areas.
Typically a mix of yellow and gray, its many legs permit it to move roughly 4″ each second. This indicates that is covers distance of floors, walls and ceilings with superb speed. Its light legs are joined to a slightly firm body and are filled with venom that is administered when the legs are used to sting.

These animals are insectivores. They enjoy dining on other bugs; like ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites and a couple of others. Nocturnal by nature, they have great eye sight. Still, they put more trust in the antennae and use them more for hunting. They are antennae are highly at the mercy of smell and come in handy when looking out for a fresh meal.
Getting a meal is rather simple for these creepy crawlers. They use their legs to either leap up onto their prey or lasso them in. It has been recounted that they even use their legs to beat their prey into submission. Hence it’s safe to say that without their legs, life would be really different.

It was recently discovered that these bugs are also smart enough to tell the difference between prey and bugs that pose danger to them. They have learned how to change their habits to circumvent being mistreated. For instance, when they capture a bug that will doubtless sting them, they'll sting first and back away. This gives the venom time to incapacitate their prey. They may also sacrifice legs in the event they're encircled.

This species of centipede would possibly not be so bad. Not that causes any real harm to humans, it’s almost like having live-in exterminator. They can help you shed some of the other aggravating bugs that are lingering around your house. Hence although they may not be welcome, they do something to earn their stay. Just think of it as compensation for room and board, in return for free meals.

At we like people to know all there is about insects and particularly about the house centipede. The Scutigera coleoptrata in particular since many people struggle to handle it.

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