The Everyday Use of Pet Steps

While your pet may seem to be in overall good health, there could be underlying issues developing that you are not aware of. These issues may actually stem from the abuse your pet’s muscles and joints suffer on a daily basis.

When you allow your dog to jump to and from any surface that is greater than 12 inches from the ground, he can sustain serious injury. A foot of height doesn’t really seem like a lot, but it’s enough to cause a broken limb if your dog falls, or longer-lasting problems over time.

Dogs of all sizes and breeds are at risk from joint injury such as the early development of arthritis or hip dysplasia. Small dog breeds are at a particular risk due to the natural fragility of their bones. Many small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians have been known to suffer broken legs from jumping or falling from furniture. Large dogs already have a risk for arthritis as they grow older, but encouraging them to jump to and from heights everyday will inevitably jump-start this condition.

This being said, you don’t have to necessarily deny your furry friend access to his favourite places—which are likely the places that you frequent. Through the use of pet stairs you can give your pet the freedom to go about his normal routine with the addition of safety and peace of mind.

Dog stairs come in a variety of colors and materials, though carpeted pet stairs are the most popular as they provide extra grip for pet paws. They also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of your dog and the surface that you want him to access. For instance, if you want your dog to have access to your bed, you will need to know the height of your bed from the floor to the top of the mattress. You should know that it can be dangerous to provide your dog with stairs that are either too small or large for him, which can cause him to stumble or fall from the stairs. The general rule of thumb to go by when choosing your steps is this:

Small dogs = steps no wider than 12 inches

Medium dogs = 14 inch-wide steps

Large dogs = steps at least 16 inches wide

For more information about choosing and purchasing a set of pet steps, please visit Help Your Pets – Here.

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