The History of Arabian Horses

The Arabian horse originates from the Arabian Peninsula, where it can be traced back over 2000 years.

The Arab horses, when properly bred display many character traits including endurance, strength and beauty. Studies have show that Arabian horses are amongst the oldest breeds discovered in the world.

The Bedouins were a nomadic people who are given credit for first taming the Arabian horse. The Bedouins took pride in the purity of the Arabian breed and could trace the history of every horse they owned. At these times it was crucial to have a dependable horse that was quick, brave and strong. It was important that it could withstand the harsh desert environment. The Bedouin tribes were constantly at war with other tribes in the region, and it was necessary to have a horse which could lead them into battle.

The Bedouins bred some of the most striking horses. These horses would often be traded and much importance was placed upon their lineage and ancestry. Arabian horses come in a variety of different variations or strains. They are similar in appearance and share ancestry. Dahman, Hadban, Kuhaylan are some examples.

The Arabian horse (Arab) is possibly the most popular breed known. Arabs have a small muzzle, large expressive eyes and a characteristally triangular shaped head. Possibly the most prized Arabs are the ones with concave noses. The neck of an Arabian horse should be arched, and their legs should be muscular and lean. Arabian horses have a silk-like coat which shines in the sun. Due to the fact that they do not have a fair arc(bascule)Arabian horses are not often observed at showing jumping contests.

Most Arabian horses have a coat which is grey or brown, and some horses also have black coats. As the desert heat is so intense, black coated Arabs were a lot more rare as the heat absorption could be dangerous. Because the Arabian horse is so genetically pure, it is commonly used in enhancing the characteristics of other breeds of horses. Arabs are known for their relaxed temperament, making breeding them very attractive.

Professional horse competitions have used Arabian horses for a great deal of time, and there are even competitions each year between Arabian horses and there owners.

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