The Simplest Ways To Get The Best From Your Pet Parrot

We’ve all previously seen them on TV and in films ; parrots that are able to have whole conversations with their keepers, reacting to a huge number of prompts with their impressive vocabulary and an eerily impressive understanding of the actual meaning of every word . You might even have ventured out and found yourself one of these lovely beasts with a goal of entertaining your friends with the chats you can have with the parrot, or the huge number of things that it can speak to them when they come to see it. But it’s unfortunately not nearly as simple as that- unfortunately speech birds don’t always pick up words simply by listening to your conversations ; they don’t understand passively or by osmosis and you will soon learn if you hadn’t realised already that the birds in films and on television have a vocabulary which is the outcome of huge numbers of hours of hard work and training .

But does not necessarily imply that taking care of a mimic bird can’t be fun – indeed, training the animal to speak and all the challenges of that are part of the enjoyment of having a talking bird. You’ll come to realise that each small victory and every last   extra word or phrase that the animal learns will be even more valuable for the quantity of graft you have put into training it. You will also be improving yourself at the same time in addition, coming to understand how to coach a parrot to talk and having a far more in-depth appreciation of the bird’s brain, which will eventually only have a great impact on the interaction you have with your bird and benefit your relationship with this bird and any others you could acquire in the future.

Encouraging a parrot to speak is of course only a small area of the role of the conscientious parrot keeper- you will also want to learn how to raise the animal , what seed to feed it, what quantity to feed and how often it will need feeding. You will also need to know where and how to cage the parrot, what other things it could have need of to keep itself amused, how to clean it, and myriad other tiny matters and jobsthat you didn’t realise you didn’t understand until you needed to know them but didn’t!

So if you have bought a talking bird and are trying to get it to copy even a couple of words then you need to train yourself- find a guide to both keeping and coaching the parrot and you will improve your joy in the parrot and the bird’s quality of life beyond all recognition. Advice book can be helpful here, by learning before you bring home your first parrot you can learn all about coaching a parrot and also examine the types of parrot that you might purchase .

Even better than a book about bird coaching though is a training course that is particularly designed to keep pace with you and your development , informing you at frequent intervals with everything you need to know, just when you need to know it. To make sure of development and enjoyment throughout your relationship with your new pet bird , I will share below one expert parrot trainer’s course.

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