Three Good Reasons You Should Raise Turkeys

One of the main reasons people do not raise their own turkeys is because they think it will be difficult but once the turkeys become a few months old it is fairly simple. The biggest part of raising turkeys is for the first few month because you have to make sure that the turkeys are kept warm enough and are getting enough nutrition to survive.  This can be avoided by buying turkeys that are a little bit older but if you want to raise turkeys with little start up costs it is recommended that you buy either eggs or newborn turkeys because they are very cheap to get.

There are many reasons for raising turkeys and here are three of them.

1. Raising turkeys for food and money

Not only is turkey a traditional food to eat on the holidays but it is also enjoyed throughout the year. It makes a wonderful thin sliced lunch meat,can be used in place of roasts, and makes a healthy ground meat.

Turkey that you have raised can also be sold for a profit if you are doing a decent amount of turkey farming.

2. Keeping turkeys as pets

Some people would rather keep their turkeys as pets instead of for food or profit. Some folks raise turkeys for both food and to keep as pets.

There are a lot of different breeds of turkeys to choose from but there are only two varieties, wild and domestic turkeys. The wild turkeys do just what they sound like, live out in the wild. Wild turkeys can fly and it is said that they are a bit brighter then the domestic turkeys. The common turkeys we eat are the domestic turkeys, which cannot fly. Both turkeys have different physical traits and taste different as well.

3. Keeping turkeys as a pest control

Turkey’s diets are varied depending on the turkeys needs at the time but they like to eat berries, leaves, grass seeds and lots of bugs including ticks, mosquitoes, and flies as well as many others.  This makes turkeys great as a means of pest control and it also makes feeding turkeys easier then ever.

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