Top 3 Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms.

Dog anxiety symptoms are straightforward to identify. Anxiousness in dogs is very common and is the second highest reason why people give up on their dogs and send them to the pound or dog shelter.

All dogs are individuals with different characters and so they’re going to show anxiety symptoms in many ways. Nonetheless there are some common sorts of behaviour and most dogs will demonstrate. The following are the top three dog separation anxiety symptoms.


Does your dog follow you everywhere and looks to be uncomfortable or distressed when you’re out of sight? Does your dog constantly get under your feet, obstructing your path and at times, almost tripping you over?

Dogs displaying these signs and symptoms of separation anxiety can almost drive you mad. They seem to be forever in the way and make doing everything in your house takes more time as you are always watching the dog.

Over excitement.

Does your dog over enthusiastically greet you when you have been away from home? Does he jump up in a frenzy?

All dogs are glad to see their owner come home, however if over the top greeting behavior lasts more than a minute then it can be a problem. When you arrive home and your dog is jumping up and blocking your way and making it difficult for you to go into the home, then this is often very frustrating.

Making Noise “Barking, Whining, Yelping and Howling.

Ever spotted distasteful glances from your neighbors and you are not sure why? Or worse, a note under the door complaining about your dog’s barking and howling.

You come to the conclusion that the people next door are over reacting. After all , you haven’t heard your dog making any unnecessary noise. Then you think, what if they are right and your dog is howling, barking, yapping or whining all day long when you’re not there?

Next, discover other common dog anxiety symptoms and learn how it’s possible for you to easily minimize the symptoms of dog anxiety and work towards having a very contented dog.

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