Useful Advice On Purchasing Your Next Horse

When looking for horses for sale, there are a few points which are worth thinking about to make the buying process easier, and to make sure you end up with your dream horse.

  • No horse is perfect – just make sure that your chosen one has niggles that you can put up with and that won’t reduce your enjoyment.
  • Bring an experienced rider along, someone who is knowledgable of your capabilities and strengths. In an ideal world take someone who is able to spot lameness or any illnesses. Or perhaps your instructor who will be able to tell if the chosen horse is appropriate for the way you ride – your aptitude and confidence.
  • Check any relevant documets and passport.  A passport is not legal proof that your chosen horse is owned by the seller so ask to see a receipt as proof of purchase. It is unlwful to sell or purchase horses minus a passport.
  • Ask if all innoculations are current. A course of vaccinations can cost a lot of money and take months to come into effect before you can compete.  It will not go down well if you move a horse to another horse if it is carrying an illness with it.
  • Once you’ve chosen you new horse, ask a vet to perform out the highest check that you can buy. Don’t rush or be forced into purchasing if you believe you need the horse checked out by your vet.
  • Try to watch the horse or pony carrying out the tasks you would like it to do. Retraining a horse will add a considerable amount to the total cost if you are unable to do this yourself.
  • Try to negotiate a trial loan in which the horse can be sent back if it is not suitable.
  • Make sure you are realistic when purchasing a young horse, ask yourself if you have the necessary knowledge to bring it on. Another thought is that, a more mature horse may just have the character and maturity to build your confidence and teach you the basics.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy the first one you visit and don’t be pressurised by the many other people just waiting to purchase the horse if you don’t – more than likely this is just a ploy to rush you into an impulse buy. Take your time when buying a horse.
  • As soon as the sale is agreed take out insurance on the horse before you transport it.  Most injuries happen in transit or settling a horse into a new yard with other horses.
  • Trust your instinct – if you believe the vendor is hiding something from you then the likelyhood is they are.
  • Remember that your horse is a huge investment of both time and money – be sure you have considered a budget for all the expenses that you will encounter.

Finally, enjoy your new addition and enjoy many hours horse riding together! Click here to find horses for sale online!

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