What A Beautiful Noise – Barking!

Dogs start practicing their barking skills at the age of 18 days, some might need the assistance of Bark Collars to teach them the correct level of barking if they grow up to become a bother Barking Dog.

Before dogs reach the age of 18 days they use squeaks and grunts to express a need for attention and hunger. This is the most lovely noise that may easily become the most annoying noise as the dog ages. There is a imperative socialising period for a young dog that can lead to issues when the dog ages, such as:

At the age of 4 “12 weeks a pup gets exposed to noise, other dogs, folk and a lot of other sounds and objects. In this time it is important that a puppy feels comfortable.

From the age of 5 weeks they show avoidance behavior until about 8 weeks. This is a natural behavior to protect them from predators.

A pup can be simply removed from the mother after 6 “10 weeks. This would have permitted the puppy to socialize with its own kind and can now develop a bond with humans.

Some Puppy Tips

These are some great puppy suggestions to stop your dog from becoming an exorbitant barking dog:

Control your baby dog as an element of the socialisation period;

Play physically with your young dog and keep reassuring the puppy with low voice tones;

If you want to teach your dog not to accept food from others, you can start now;

Interrupt the puppy during feeding. Take the food away, and then give it back with praise. This helps the do understand it’s position in the family unit.

It remains a great idea to familiarize the family and the new puppy with the set of rules. Rules shouldn't be changed. You are giving your first steps towards a contented and well trained dog. Your dog’s bark could be a stunning noise. always seek the help of a professional when condering Bark Collars ofr your barking dog.

Colin Seal from the Dog Line has helped folk with Bark Collarsto stop dogs from barking. More info on the way to help Stop Barking Dogs can be found on the website.

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