What Is The Natural Horsemanship Phenomenon

Don’t presume natural horsemanship to be a training method. It’s really a philosophy that enables the trainer to reach out to horses in language that horses can understand. To explain, the emphasis is less on getting the horse to comprehend you than on understanding the horse. Since horses communicate with one another using body language, natural horsemanship emphasises effective coaching through use of body language.

Let’s take a brief glance at the history of natural horsemanship.

A lot of folks are of the opinion that the origination of natural horsemanship can pretty much be tracked back to the origin of the relationship between man and horses. In fact there’s no clear, undebatable confirmation one way or the other. Historically, training for dressage has been based significantly on natural horsemanship principles. As with most such movements, natural horsemanship also has several ‘gurus’, each with his or her own techniques. Recent emphasis on natural horsemanship in America came from the Northwest coastlands and the Rocky Mountains. Some noted trainers who use natural horsemanship extensively include Buck Brannamen and Tom and Bill Dorrance. Pat Parelli, who has established coaching clinics and schools based mostly on his methods the world over, is another respected specialist.

Here’s how it is possible to get started.

All the main trainers, including the ones mentioned above, have perfected distinctly separate strategies. Obviously, there is a lot of overlap between these separate strategies. You must first establish a community of horse owners of like mind horse owners, trainers and riders before it is possible to launch natural horsemanship based training programs. While there isn’t any end of natural horsemanship methods that date back centuries, it is rather surprising that this entire idea is still new to plenty of individuals. The Net has contributed to increased awareness recently, and you should also use this medium to stay in touch with others who have the same interests but are not situated in the neighborhood. Another excellent way to connect to fellow horse folk is through the North American Association of Natural Horsemen.

Identify what suits your pony and you best.

All strategies based mostly on natural horsemanship are aimed at bringing about ideal communication and relationships between horses and humans. You can experiment around a bit with various techniques to see what works best for you personally. Peruse books and watch DVDs released by expert trainers. Be a regular at web-based forums, you get plenty of tips and direction. Learn from the experts, and don’t be shy about raising questions. You can’t learn unless you get answers to your questions. Learning isn’t the end, but the beginning of the process. You achieve nothing unless you practice what you learn. When things don’t work for you, see if you can identify what failed and rectify it; if this is not possible , get advice from fellow horsemen and experts.

Work with a mentor.

Only one single day’s natural training session can be a bizarre, heady mix of frustration and exhilaration, problems and rewards. Attempt to maintain smooth progress by availing of the help of a teacher who has made his bones. You don’t need your mentor’s physical presence. He or she can quite as well be on the other side of the Earth; what is significant is that you can get answers as quickly as you ask question of your mentor. There is no lack of real time communication means nowadays. You can use forums and other online communicates to initiate and develop relationships with folks of similar interests across the entire world. A very good mentor won’t mind any amount of questions you ask, and always will have an answer for every one.

Be consistent in what you practice.

Natural horsemanship is not a set and forget phenomenon. It’s an continuing process that will last your lifetime and that of your pony. Also for a lifetime is the journey you set off on along with your horse. There isn’t any end to learning opportunities, and only a real fool will waste them.

Information is the key to power.

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