What Training Style Should You Use To Train Your Dog

There are a few basic guiding principles about the various styles used when training your pet which will make coaching your dog quicker and simpler.

Basically there are 2 basic methods of canine obedience training “Positive reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement “ This method deals with using rewards as a method to make the dog learn a selected activity and become used to it. Rewards in the shape of a verbal roar out, food and toys are often given to the dogs for compliance with the trainer’s commands. So the more worthwhile the specific training activity is the more likely the dog is to get entirely connected and the quicker he will learn.

There are three techniques of positive reinforcement. First is the conditioned reinforcement where the trainer regularly gives an auditory signal, for example utilising the word “good” when the dog adheres to a certain command or completes a certain task – this is a kind of conditioned reinforcement.

Shaping or successive Approximation is using smaller steps to teach the dog peculiar and complicated activities.

Desensitization is an exceedingly effective tool to help the dog train to handle scary scenarios. In this situation a reward is paired with objects causing fear. Continual exposure to the scary object gets the animal “desensitized” by becoming less stressed when in the area. This is employed in scenarios when the dog could be frightened of traffic noises or home gizmos like the vacuum cleaner.

Negative Reinforcement – Correcting the dog when it does not cooperate or when end up doing misbehaviour is critical for it to become well behaved.

Systems of negative reinforcement include oral reprimand, saying no in a robust reputable voice, employing a remote collar device which is a collar that gives a minor electric shock to the dog when it gets something wrong (this method is very frowned upon by dog lovers at The Pet Lovers Network) and automated correction in which the trainers forcefully pulls the dog’s collar when it doesn’t accept the commands. NEVER strike your dog, you may immediately lose trust with the dog and your attempts at training will be set back considerably.

We think the most useful method for coaching any dog is positive reinforcement and acknowledge that they may often be a need to use some negative reinforcement.

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