Becoming Involved With Discus Breeding

Discus breeding is not an easy job. It requires a lot of experience and know-how. These fish are attractive, and they need a lot of care. The main factors influencing whether they breed or not are water, feed and the aquarium size. A well maintained pair of discus typically breeds regularly. There is no special system concerned, however it is important to be conscious of certain things.

First of all they need a good sized aquarium as otherwise they will not breed. These fish can’t breed in shallow water. The temperature of the water and the pH level need to be monitored in order to be kept at acceptable levels.

It is also important to keep an eye on the nitrate level which is produced by the excreta of these fish; it should never surpass 20 ppm. Frequent change of water can resolve that problem. Changing about 30 to 50% of water each week will take care of this problem.

These fish need to have a protein rich for breeding and beef heart is generally given to them as feed by pro breeders. This could be supplemented with other feeds like spinach and blood-worms. There are some foods available in the market which are beneficial in providing further nutrients and vitamins that will prove helpful.

The breeding pair will probably start to clean an area of the aquarium, and they’re going to become territorial. Initially they may select more than one site before finally settling for one.

The female will swim over the spawning site and start depositing her eggs. The male will swim right behind her and take care of fertilizing them. The pair will work in partnership to care for and guard the eggs.

If you follow these beginners tips you ought to be providing the ideal environment for the discus to reproduce in. The rest is ultimately up to your fish!

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