Inspiring Lab Rescue Tale Finds Recognition In Pet Rescue Contest

The inspiring rescue and recovery tale of a sweet Labrador name Pepper recently won the 1st place prize in a challenge conducted by Purina Pro Plan and Rally to Rescue. In accordance with a report, Sheryl Hogan rescued the homeless pooch and her Den Animal Rescue team was presented the grand prize in recognition of the efforts they put in to get Pepper back on her feet. When Sheryl found Pepper abandoned on the road in February a year ago, she refused to leave the traumatized pooch alone and made sure that Pepper got all the professional medical as well as emotional attention she deserved to bring her back to normal.   

How Sheryl Hogan found Pepper

Pepper was tossed from a motor vehicle and abandoned on the road. Sheryl happened to watch this alarming occurrence on a snowy February day as she was driving back after rescuing animals due to be euthanized. If not for Sheryl, Pepper would not have managed to make it through the freezing wintry day on her own. Sheryl rescued Pepper and went to the vet only to discover that Pepper had experienced quite a few fractures and hip dysphasia. Pepper also displayed symptoms of severe hair loss from malnutrition and parasites. Pepper had suffered a lot of emotional trauma, and was tremendously untrusting and anxious.

Pepper’s winning battle against all odds

Sheryl recognized that Pepper was in need of emotional and physical care and attention for a long period. Sheryl opted to attend to Pepper herself in place of giving her over to foster homes. Sheryl sat by Pepper for several months and talked to her all the time before she slowly but surely started accepting affection through a lab gift and gained trust. At the outset scared of the smallest noises, Pepper subsequently found her stride and became a very happy canine. Pepper is currently a permanent member of the Hogan household. Pepper is also an integral part of Hogan’s animal rescue shelter. This impressive account of inner strength in addition to resolve to survive is a ray of hope for many other pet lovers.

How Rally to Rescue and Purina Pro Plan help

In excess of sixty accounts were provided to the judging panel that narrowed it down to ten finalists. In excess of 12,000 votes were taken from June through October who determined that Pepper’s story of endurance was a source of inspiration.  Pepper and Sheryl will be honored on Thanksgiving Day before the National Dog Show. The winning pair will also get exclusive backstage tours and tickets. Together with a personal communication with celebrated dog expert David Frei, Sheryl’s Den Animal Rescue will also receive $5,000 worth pet food coupons from Purina Pro Plan to help in providing a healthy eating plan to the rescued animals.

Purina Pro Plan expressed their gratitude in rewarding such acts of courage and willpower. Calling this adventure a shining example of pet rescue, the competition is an endeavor to honor groups that work towards an improved life for deserted pets through adoptions in addition to volunteering. The Rally to Rescue is an important part of a pet rescue plan set up by Purina Pro Plan and has helped more than 400,000 pets find a loving home. The group also has donated over $1 million to the program during the last 2 years.

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