Fast And Easy Dog Pain Relief

It’s hard to tell when your dog is depressed.Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your pet is in pain.I began having issues with my pet after my husband passed away.My husband died about three years after I retired.He always kept me busy.He has formed a strong bond with our dog; they’d go anywhere together.I’m a homebody.If given a choice between indoors and outdoors, I’d choose the former.Our dog loved the outdoors. Canine Depression

I knew that my dog will have to get to used to some major changes after my husband passed away.This was his most loved activity of all, next to riding a car.I began to notice that something wasn’t right.Six months later I sold my house and moved into a senior living facility with my dog.I thought this was surely alright since my dog must be over his adjustment period by now.I settled in and adjusted to the move quickly.One of the things I love about the facility was that I wasn’t as busy as I used to in my previous home.I spent more time to bond with my pet.He had adjusted to the loss of my husband by sleeping a lot more, so it was good for me who likes to read and needlepoint.However, I noticed that he would just stare at the gardeners and not bark at all.He was always like this. Pet Pain Relief

I started an internet search for veterinarians in my area and found one not too far away.This vet told me that my dog was depressed and had painful animal arthritis.My dog could not tolerate the medication.The side effects of the medication has taken over him.The medication for the depression didn’t work, so I checked out other vets.I was’t certain which caused more pain: the arthritis or the depression, this prompted me to look for a vet that did both.

I discovered Midwest Microcurrent, a veterinarian specializing in treating animal pain and restoring health.The center employs small electrical current to restore the body’s performance and to aid the healing process.After the first dog cranial electrotherapy stimulation treatment, or CES treatment, seemed to sleep better and to have more energy.Depression was eliminated quickly with thsi therapy.They used the microcurrent electrical therapy or MET directly on my dogs hips and this permitted dog pain relief immediately.By leasing the  equipment, I’ll be able to do this at home.My dog is now in top shape and barking at the gardeners, finally!Dog Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

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