Pet Pain Relief Solutions You Need To Know

I’m an old man and I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over forty years.What a blow to old Joe.Floo has become Joe’s family since Joe’s son died in the war.Every morning, I do some walking exercise and some socializing.Joe, my neighbor, has lived here almost as long as I have.One day I was talking to Joe over the fence.Joe opened the gate to get his mail when Floofie or Floo squeezed through.She immediately ran into the street and, to our horror, promptly got hit by a car.Floo was thrown onto the street so hard she landed with a loud crunch.Because the dog suffered two broken hips and a broken back, the vet informed Joe that his dog wouldn’t be able to walk after the surgery.Floo had canine paralysis. Canine Paralysis

About a month later, while walking around the neighborhood, I saw Joe and Floo.Joe was holding a strap tied arounfd Floo’s back.Joe had to hold the strap up so Floo could get around.My heart sank when I watched Joe and Floo get around that yard.I wished that there was something I could do, so I began looking on the web and found some sites which could possibly help Joe and Floo.I dropped by at Joe’s and told him about the websites he should check out.I told him the Animal Fitness Center run by Dr. Ava Frick seemed to be the best and it was near to where we lived.

Dr. Ava Frick’s web site was very informative and interesting.The Aimal Fitness Center can get pets to walk again; I thought that all pets who had injuries ike Floo’s are hopeless cases.They help all pet pain.Animals who have equine paralysis, dog joint pain and pet arthritis can undergo pet pain relief and live longer.  Pet Pain Relief

Modern technology is used in Dr Ava Frick’s therapy for animal pain relief.Services also include pet chiropractic, pet underwater treadmill, Alpha-stim, ultrasound, laser/LEPT and more.Dr. Frick custom-fits the exercise program for the individual needs of your pets.To alleviate other ailments and pain, the Animal Fitness Center also employs nutrition, herbal therapies and massage for pet pain relief.You can also rent or buy some equipment to do some therapies at home.

I saw Joe and Floo as I was doing my morning walks.Floo was hobbling around on her own four feet.Joe looked so happy and I thought that he was teary eyed with happiness.Joe told me that the Animal Fitness Center was a great place.The staff was very compassionate and helpful.He told me that the staff are all optimistic that your pet will walk again.These people have unbelievable faith in their equipment, knowledge and therapies.I feel better while I walk nowadays.Now, it’s nice to Joe and Floo back to their old routine. Animal Chiropractic

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