Rabbit Care, Nutrition And More

If you are looking for a friendly and loveable pet there really is no better choice than a rabbit.They are really happy to be petted or stroked and over time a human can develop a great, interactive relationship with a rabbit.Rabbit care is essential and as with any other pet, a responsible owner will do all in his or her power to ensure their rabbit is healthy.Rabbits are easy to look after and make a great addition to any family. To ensure your rabbit is healthy and happy try and follow some of these great tips.

A rabbit needs several basics which you must provide. These are a hutch, bedding, food and space to run around.Dont worry about the style of the hutch – your rabbit doesn’t need a designer home! Just enough space to run around and stand on its back legs.In terms of space make sure the hutch is big enough to allow the rabbit to make at least 4 hops in any direction.Plan out your hutch in zones, so there are separate areas in which the rabbit can play, sleep eat and go to the toilet.Don’t forget that if you have more than one rabbit the space should be increased accordingly.To ensure the rabbit is warm at night you must invest in a good quality bedding.On the base of the hutch you should line it with newspaper and importantly you should use dust free straw.The location of the hutch is really important and you should make sure it is not placed in an area of direct sunlight, or open to draughts.Night time predators will scare a rabbit easily, so you should cover the hutch with a breathable fabric at night.Of course rabbits don’t want to be couped up in a hutch all day. Your rabbit would really appreciate a safe place to run and play and a rabbit run can provide this environment.

Did you know that your rabbit needs two types of fibre in its diet? One type which can be digested and one which cannot.Rabbits digest their food twice, which is why this is important.Do try and avoid the mass market muesli type foods available as these can be high in sugar and starch which can lead to increased weight gain, obesity and even diabetes.Try and buy a specialist vet approved rabbit food.You can buy specialist rabbit food online or through your vet.Rabbits love a treat, so offer it healthy and tasty snacks like fresh apple, chopped cabbage and juicy tomatoes.

Pets thrive in a loving home, and by following these simple guidelines you are playing your part in being a responsible pet owner.


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