Why You Need Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can actually be very important for many reasons as our house has just recently found out. Basically we have had our golden retriever for a number of years and he hasn’t really had any problems at all other than a skin condition which is apparently quite common for golden retrievers but other than that we do not seem to have had any problems at all.

Over time his eye had begun to weep and a very small black lump formesd on his eye which wasnt looking good. Although at first it didnt seem like it was bothering him we had to keep wiping his eye so we just decided that we should take him to the vet to make sure he was okay. the first time we took him they said he was fine but he would need to come back after we had used some eye drops on him.

Once we took him back they said that they would need to do a small operation on the eye to make sure it stayed away. Then the cost came £300. This may not sound much compared to what some pet bills come to but it is still a lot of money to fork out for over the Christmas period. It is very lucky that we still had the pet insurance as a couple of weeks before we had thought about stopping it because we had neevr really used it at all.

So it just goes to show that you may need insurance when you don’t think you do. You can even get things like puppy insurance which of course are based around the younger dogs.

If you are thinking about going away to a colder climate this year then make sure you do not forget your ski insurance.

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